“I went to see Pascale who was located at her home in St-Jean-de-Matha in the summer of 2008, for a two day coaching session. I will begin by telling you how everything started:  That summer, I heard Pascale speak on the radio on two separate occasions. She spoke with such confidence and her words really resonated with me.  It was a message of hope that was easy to understand.

Within my own personal development, I was ready to meet someone like Pascale. I gave her a call and we had a long conversation over the phone. She provided lots of feedback.  I really enjoyed the 15-minute call. I immediately decided to schedule a two-day intensive coaching session at her home.

I really enjoyed the weekend that I spent with Pascale.  It was a totally enriching experience for me, filled with information that will benefit me for the rest of my life.  She was able to provide me with so much insightful advice.

Pascale is someone who is very generous with her time and really understands how people function. She knows what she is talking about, having lived through events that were very difficult.  She has experience, which makes her message that much more credible. For me, that message was filled with hope and courage. A few months after our meeting, I can see how my life is progressing from day to day. My two-day coaching session was amazing and I feel honoured to have spent time with someone that has so much to share.  If you would like to spend an enriching weekend learning about how to leave a difficult situation, especially a co-dependent one, I am convinced that a stay with Pascale will be very beneficial to you.”

Marc, (Quebec) 




In 28 years, I never thought that co-dependency could have anything to do with me. I believed that my complicated, sad relationships, my stalled career and my unhappy family situation that had been ongoing since childhood were all completely normal. Dedicated to building a romantic relationship on a solid foundation, I decided to take some time while I was single and invest in myself – I was ready to press the “reset” button. The intensive coaching with Pascale Piquet completely liberated me. I had been carrying around so much unconscious suffering since my childhood which had been contaminating my relationships.  With Pascale, I was finally able to make peace with my past. In a year, I feel that I’ve been able to make the personal progress to become the healthy, fulfilled and light-hearted woman that I always wanted to become. I am ready to welcome the person into my life who has done the same work on themselves. I feel so light and so capable! I feel grounded, confident and, most importantly, clear-minded when it comes to my choices. I have even noticed an improvement in the relationships with my family and friends.  I have come to realize how much co-dependency was affecting every area of my life.  One year is all it took to reinvent my career, follow my passion and begin living a full life. I am still the same person and so much more!

Karine (Quebec) 





“I was stuck in Tarzan’s jungle – for me, it had become a way of life. I separated from my wife thinking that things would get better.  I met lots of women, but it always seemed to be the same thing – I gave everything and received nothing in return. I had been working hard on myself for over 15 years and yet I still seemed to understand nothing when it came to relationships. Everyone kept telling me that I was a really wonderful person, a truly exceptional man.  Some couldn’t even believe that a man could be so understanding, so sensitive, so devoted. 

One day, I confided in a (true) friend and she spoke to me about emotional co-dependence and suggested that I read Le syndrome de Tarzan (Tarzan’s Syndrome). The book was a complete awakening for me.  I didn’t know much about life, but in reading this book, I felt like I was looking into the mirror. It felt like a slap, no – a punch – in the face!

I contacted Pascale Piquet immediately to book a one-week coaching – I just didn’t want to keep living the same patterns anymore.

We discussed quite a lot over the phone and I immediately started feeling understood and reassured.  I started believing in life again! Someone was going to help me get out of this “jungle”!  Throughout our discussion over the phone, Pascale evaluated whether a one-week coaching session would be effective for me. She was very professional – she only works with people who are truly committed to the process.

In December 2015, I travelled to Montreal. Pascale was waiting for me at the airport.

I felt that my work had already begun as we drove towards her home.  I was relaxed. Again, I felt understood and heard. Each question that arose was greeted with a direct and simple answer. With each day that passed, the coaching provided more and more gifts.  I took a photo of myself and for the very first time, I felt handsome! The coaching allowed me to reconnect with my qualities (I didn’t know who I was anymore and, over the past months, I had completely devalued myself).

In the afternoon, Pascale would take me into the village of St-Jean-de-Matha. I felt completely at home, I was living again, enjoying every moment – without reaching for another vine. Staying near my coach, by experiencing her way of life, I was able to learn more than I had ever learned in all the conferences and seminars that I had attended over the course of my life.

During our coaching sessions, and especially after the reprogramming, I gained an enormous amount of self-confidence and my self-esteem was solidified.  Now, I truly believe that I am an amazing person and I am living for MYSELF – I don’t need another unhealthy attachment.  I have left the jungle!

When I returned home, several people remarked that something seemed to have changed within me – I looked radiant.  Their comments literally brought tears to my eyes.

My life has changed completely. Without my friend Chantal who opened my eyes and put me on Pascale Piquet’s path, I have no idea what would have become of me – I didn’t want to suffer anymore!

I would like to thank my friend Chantal, Pascale and all the lovely people of St-Jean-de-Matha that my coach introduced me to. I was a supporting character in my own life and thanks to everyone I met and thanks to Pascale (and even thanks to my dysfunctional relationships); I’ve taken over the starring role!

And I know that Pascale is always there if I need her. 


Marcel, (Belgium)




“A beautiful location that feels as if it’s cut off from the rest of the world. It’s perfect for reconnecting with nature and one’s own inner nature.  It was a privilege to share time and space on a daily basis with Pascale – she is so full of energy and happiness and is always willing to listen!

Thanks to her way of life, she really encourages us to stay in the present moment and allows us to flip the mental switch to the “off” position.

Even after 25 years of psychotherapy, nothing had really felt like it had changed in my life. But with just one week of immersive coaching with Pascale Piquet, as well as a total change of scenery, I was able to go further than I’ve ever gone before in terms of self-discovery.  She provided me with skills that I can now use to move along my own path of happiness.

The coaching and a week spent in her home, allowed me, after 53 years, to approach life optimistically.  Up until that point, I always had a “glass half-empty” approach.  This new way of looking at things has given me such a sense of freedom!

During my stay I was able to meet so many kind and helpful people. The village really does feel like a little piece of paradise – filled with the most beautiful souls!

I came home with an enormous amount of positive energy that has propelled me further in my quest for happiness.  I would like to thank Pascale for giving me the chance to live such an intense moment and to have welcomed me so warmly into her beautiful environment. I know that she is always there for me, should I need her.  It is so reassuring!

Christine (France)





Before my coaching, I felt dependent upon other people, thinking and believing that I was only a spectator in my own life.  When things went badly, I believed that it was completely normal and I didn’t have the power to change anything. I had very low self-esteem. I believed that I had a problem if I didn’t act and think like those around me and I should try harder to be like them.

Skype coaching allowed me to attend sessions with Pascale without having to leave the comfort of my home.  It was very practical and allows clients to present, if necessary, their living environment to Pascale.

Skype coaching really helped me to gain my self-confidence.  It brought me reassurance about who I am as a person. I don’t need to change who I am, I simply need to accept who I am and do everything possible to create and place myself in an environment that suits me.

The experiences that Pascale has lived are reassuring for her clients.  We are not talking about a psychologist who listens, but has no way of empathizing because they have never been in our shoes.  Pascale went through her own challenges and was able to come away feeling serene and confident.  This is really important, it feels as though she really understands her clients and that, for me, is essential to being a coach. A tennis coach has to have played tennis before they can coach!  This is really true for Pascale.  And, in addition, she is always available and ready to respond rapidly when we have questions!

I feel so much more serene and much less alone. I have more confidence in myself and am starting to see life as a gift that brings lots of pleasure, whereas I previously viewed it as a battlefield where I had to prove myself.

Brice (Toulouse/France)